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India’s overturning on the Doklam border dispute has shifted to the Chinese Media. China’s official Media in its article noted that bilateral talks between the two countries would be possible only if the Indian security forces withdrew from the Dockland border. China has recently made comments on the comments made by Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Gopal Bhagle that India is ready to hold bilateral discussions with the Dockland border between the two countries.

India vs China Military
“There is no discussion between the two countries until the Indian security forces withdraw from the Doklam border. China is trying to solve the problem in the border. But India is no longer
interested in it. If the Indian troops are not withdrawn, the situation is likely to deteriorate further. They are well aware that India’s forces were being invaded at Dohlam, “the Chinese Media said in its story.
However, India has already sent additional security forces to the Sikkim Border. India has shown in the past that there is no mention of a withdrawal from the Border. There have been tensions between India and China over the Domlom border dispute over the last few days.

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