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Infosys means Narayana Murthy .. Narayana Murthy is an infos that we remember as long as we walked. Initially, Infosys bought shares and had kept the wealth of thousands of times if they kept them. But after that, the legends left the company. Finally Infosys Narayana Murthy retired and became honorary chairman.

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However, after a few years ago, the crisis came back. Trying to fix conditions. Infosys has been awarded with Vishal Sikka.While there is no distrust on Sikku’s ability, some of the top executives have been given huge wages and the promoters are not willing to offer huge packages to farewell workers.

There was also a clear conviction on this issue. Farewell package to former CFO Rajiv Bansal; Writing a letter to the Board in February 2017, blaming Sikku for giving $ 11 million in compensation. Narayana Murthy was strongly criticized for not having Infosys in corporate governance.
The news came from Infosys co-founder NR Narayana Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, Chris Gopalakrishnan, Shibulal, K. Dinesh sells its 12.75 per cent stake in Infosys (worth Rs 28,000 crore). In this article, an English newspaper stated that the sale will also be in the form of black deals in the stock market.

The co-founders who have already been voting for Vishal Sikkas for two years to continue as CEO are all wished that this time the company decided to leave. Three years earlier (in early 2014) co-founders and their family members also sold 2.84 per cent stake in Infosys at Rs 6484 crore. However, as Narayan Murthy denies that there is no such thing.

Infosys also disclosed in stock exchanges that there is no such stock market.
The promoters’ share in Infosys has come down to Pulsepap.

Similar to Wipro ..

For Wipro, it has been in the hands of promoters for the past fifty years. Their share in the company is up to thirty percent. From the regional company that produces vegetable oils, the technology has grown to become a global giant. This evolution is also close to Wipro chairman Azim Premji.

But in the Wipro, it is reported that the promoters are selling shares like Infosys. Compared to Infosys, the share of the shareholders is entirely the opposite. The promoters’ share is 12.75 per cent, while Ajim Premji and his family share 73.25 per cent stake.

Last Monday, Wipro promoters reported that some of the company’s shares or some units were selling. But Premji dismissed them. ‘In Wipro. I’ll be here forever. The news that Wipro promoters are in the forefront of selling their stake is totally irreverent and wrong. And there is no truth in the news.It is clear that the e-mails written to the employees are sung by rumors.

Are there opportunities
Premji says that there is nothing like that. Some investment banks Premji and his family’s 73 per cent share is partly or completely; Reliable sources are informed that research has begun to sell to an international IT company or a private equity firm.

Some companies are also considering bankers on Wipro’s value. On the other hand, IT companies are struggling with automation, visa rules and shortage of large projects, with huge equity investment and private equity firms and multinational companies interested in the development of Wipro.

In the 12-18 month period, a banker estimates that the promoters of major companies have not been able to sell their stake and get additional cash.

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