Eid Mubarak wishes

EID Mubarak: – The Eid-ul-Fitr Festival, which was completed by the late Ramazan Massam, was finally coming. The entire city has been completed on Monday. The celebration of Muslims is celebrated with a monthly view of the whole process of fasting. Chandradhana was in the padagara with the purchase of commodities Sunday. Eid has been prepared to commemorate the prayers and special cuisine in Eid.

Eid Mubarak
The Riyadh-e-Hilal Committee officially announced the festival as the sky appeared on Sunday evening in the evening. Siren had to take some time after the Iftar in mosques to suggest Eid-ul-Fitr to celebrate Monday. Thus, ‘Eid-ka-Chand Mubarak‘ started to communicate with each other.

‘Chandran’ is very popular Eid Mubarak

The night before Eid is called ‘Chandrad’ (the night of menacing). On Sunday night, Muslims spent shopping with different things, shopping with friends. The clothes, furnishings, decorative apparatus, ingredients, meat, chicken shops and household stalls are used for making Sheherhurma hundreds.

The Charminar route from Mecca Masjid, Lad bazaar, Gulzarhaus, Medina, Shalibunda areas. Sheikh Khurma sold millions of liters in the Old Bast as she needed big milk for her.

‘Fitra’ donated

Dharam Sharma is preferred by fasting rituals in the month of Ramzan. Zakat, who donates to the percentage of Islam that is fixed on the martyrs. Every Muslim should be donated (man). Two and a half kilos of wheat or equivalent money must be given to the poor. Prior to Eid prayers,


First ‘Shukra Prayer’

Muslims pray before the Eid prayers (‘thank you’). Thanks to Allah for giving the fastest possible opportunity. Then pray. Then greet and greet them.

Children’s Aries for ‘EID’

This festival is not for children. Eid Mubarak is the tradition of giving them ‘Idi’ (gift) as the elders and relatives of the house

Special dishes

On the day of the festival ‘Sheikhqrmma’ along with Mutton or chicken biryani, Bakara khana, chicken korma cooked. A lot of recipes are prepared as the guests are customary. After the banquet is finished, tabular is offered in attractive boxes. For three to four days, the daughters, cousins, and relatives of the family will be lost.


Arrange 10 thousand people
Superintendent MA Khadir Siddiqui said that 10 thousand prayers were arranged on Monday in Mecca Masjid. It will be at 10 in the morning. Around 15,000 people will go to the main road from the Panchmaha Hills to Charminar and Gulzarhausi outside the mosque. Two Imams, Khatib, and two other mosques are there for years to pray.

Preceding Ideas
The speeches were made for prayers. There are 15 prominent figures in the city. Prayers are held between 9 am and 10.30 am each morning. 4,000 policemen have been detained by the police. The Southern Zone DPP V.

Sathyanarayana said that Monday prayers will be compromised with 2500 people. MKMasimedu, Meera Eedagam, Madanapeta Edgar and Kulikkutbhahi stadium are the RF, law and order surveillance and high-intensity cine cameras. Muslims will come up to about one lakh a year. Urban Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy is being monitored by the police.