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China conducted actual combat exercises to test his Military potential. This exercise has taken place in the face of controversy with India in the Doklam area of Sikkim sector. It has been around 11 hours in the remote mountain plateau, which is 5,000 m high in southwestern Tibet. Such a vintage made me wonder how to deal with War. This month, an Army commander under the Tibet Regional Military Command has carried out a demonstration, the Army said in a statement Monday. This force is guarded at the Line of Actual India-China Border.

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There are bases in Likhil, near the disputed site of the DoKlam Plateau. The band specializes in fighting mountain races. The Chinese Army has two such skilled troops, one of which is involved in this exercise. The group’s settlements lie on the banks of the Brahmaputra River (known as Yararang Jungbo in China).

Preparedness of the forces, air strikes, US attacks on various groups and other areas were prepared. Soldiers used grenades to blow up bunkers, artillery and battle tanks, underground bases. Besides, on the tenth day of this month, Lata, Tibetan capital, was conducting a live communication system in emergency. The battlefields and other modern devices manufactured in China have been tested.

China India war

Beijing’s military affairs chief Zhou Chenming commented that China has demonstrated these maneuvers to showcase its dominance over India. India has two lakh soldiers in the border and has shown that they have 15 to 20 times more power to say. China will be able to move the troops faster. Wang Dehuha, a South Asian Affairs expert at Shanghai Institute for International Studies, said that these exercises were designed to help people understand the Military and military strength. It is also a strategy to show the strength of the opponent and prevent the war.

The Army has been proven to have been waged in mountainous areas, said Qin Jen, executive editor of the Ordnance Knowledge magazine. Wean Magazine chief editor Xiao Ning believes that lightweight weapons made by China can easily be carried out in mountainous areas.
Today the level committee is the forward Foreign Secretary
Foreign Secretary S Sivasankar on Tuesday issued a controversy over the Border dispute with China. Jaishankar will be present before Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs. The latest information is explained. Congress president Shashi Tharoor is the president and Rahul Gandhi is a member.

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