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Lt. Umar Fayaz is a 23-year-old martyr who has been killed by militants in the Indian army and was killed in Kashmir. Fayaz, who attended the marriage at his cousin’s home at Sopian, was abducted by the terrorists and assassinated by the terrorists. The terrorists fired this attack from threatening to escape from the army from Kashmir.

indian army
The latest batch of 11 Kashmiri youth who took over from the Indian army Academy in Dehradun. These 11 people know Phayaz. But in some cases, the terrorists have decided not to go.
“I was not afraid of Fayaz’s event. Phayaz knows me personally. He is our senior. I urge some other Kashmiri youngsters to join the Indian Army. Chances are they are misleading, “said Nawaz of Doda. Nawaz is currently in charge of Shaatghi’s army in Kashmir.
‘Phayaz knows me personally. He is a very fun man. We still remember his memories. He is senior to us at the Dehradun Military Academy. ‘ “Said Mohammad Salman of Ladakh.
“I’m a little afraid of Fayaz. But the pledge I made gave me courage. My dream is to perform duties in the valley of Kashmir. Now it’s gone. Shatghin in the valley was posted in the force. “Ashutosh Bantia said.
Another officer from Anantnag said, “Until now I have not come to the military academy and we do not know anyone. I will not tell anyone in the future. Once I joined the academy, I did not go home with my fellow batchmates.

I am going to join the regiment soon after the posting. My family did not want to tell me what I was doing. ‘ “He said. This decision may have taken the concern of his family in the wake of the huge prevalence in Anantnag district. It is noteworthy that his family did not tell him to come back from the Indian army.

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