Indian Weapons vs China Weapons: The Military stance that has been within weeks of weeks between India and China in the Docklum region is transformed into a crisis that is one amongst the two countries. The Indian Army has strictly blocked the construction of China’s road making a threat to its security. It was evident that the Communist Kingdom moved from there until it was reduced. Thus China’s official media threats are being threatened. In 1962, the battle between the two countries was pointing out that India was suffering from serious damage. If the country is back down, the war is inevitable. Defense Minister Arun Jaitley responded that India is now in 2017 and that there are no conditions in 1962. In the face of these words, the interest in the two countries’ military tracks is expressed.

Indian Weapons vs China Weapons

India Weapons vs China Weapons

Weapons                                            India                               China

  1. Fighter Aircraft                                  676                                   1271
  2. Attack Aircraft                                   809                                   1385
  3. Transportation                                   857                                   782
  4. Training Aircraft                                 323                                   352
  5. Total Aircraft                                     2102                                  2955
  6. Attack Helicopter                                27                                      206
  7. Transport and Observation Helicopter   666                                    912
  8. Aircraft Carrier                                    1                                         1
  9. Frigates                                              14                                       51
  10. Shaft Ships                                         11                                       35
  11. Patrol Ships                                        139                                      220
  12. Nuclear Submarines                             2                                         7
  13. Tradition Submarines                           13                                       60
  14. Action Crew                                        13,25000                            23,35000
  15. War Tanks                                          4426                                    6457
  16. Nuclear Warheads                               130                                      260
  17. Cruise Missiles                                     400                                     3000
  18. Ballistic                                               5000                                    13000

1.Air force.

Indian Air Force

The Air Force is a very important role in the modern war. The power of the Air Force through heavy air strikes on enemy installations, confrontation with enemy fighter jets, tear down, surveillance, rescue operations, dropping special forces into enemy bases. Thereby affecting the outcome of the war. The Indian Air Force is the fourth largest air force in the world. We have fighter jets like Sukhoi-30MKI which leads to superficiality. The more sophisticated Rafael warplanes will soon reach our end.


Indian Navy

India has a length of 7516 km long. In addition, our international trade is largely part of the ocean. There are also many islands. Therefore, we need the Navy to protect the special economic zone of the coast to protect the threat from the sea. Currently, the Indian Navy is in the fifth position in the world. The navy played a key role in the 1971 Bharat-Pak war. Karachi attacked the port and broke the back of the Pak. Naval is the key role in providing strategic supremacy to India in the Indian Ocean region.


The Army is the backbone of three Indian Forces. The infantry is a key role in protecting complex country boundaries and protecting internal security. All of this is done by Indian Army. Becoming the third largest military force in the world. Our Army has 35 divisions and 13 crores. The Mountain Range Assault Force has been prepared with 90,000 soldiers to counter the threat from China.

4.Atomic power

‘Arms Control Association‘ estimates that India has 130 nuclear warheads. Our country is ranked seventh in the world of nuclear Weapons. There are many types of missiles that can carry nuclear warheads from the ocean on the ground and from the ocean. India is developing a continental missile called ‘Surya’, a range of about 16,000 km.

China, which has been in economic growth for decades, has provided a substantial portion of its resources for military expansion and modernization. Heavily enhances military power. The contradiction in the military capabilities of India and China was once at a low level. Now it’s great. India, too late, has also focused on modernization of the military. Everything is growing at the same time.

India Faced Two Sides Problem

Pakistani and chains are the two sides of the country. We have fought separately with India. For decades the strategic and military bond between China and Pakistan has grown stronger. The Pakistani occupied Kashmir from Gwadar port is also building a financial hub in China under the name of ‘seepak’.

Defense experts have warned that India will be simultaneously hosted by two nations. On the other hand, the country will have to deal with issues like terrorism, Maoists, and separatism. All this has been taken up by a massive military modernization and persecution.

Weapon procurement and crucial technologies accelerated the acquisition. However, decisions regarding Weapon mobilization, the tender approach is complicated. The Bofors scandal broke down after 30 years of purchase. The situation is changing with the arrival of Modi. Recently, our Army has received 777 artillery from America.


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