Rifleman Jaswat Singh Rawat

November 1962 … The Chinese Army overturned the Tawang area in Arunachal Pradesh … The security forces in the area are maintained by the Indian Army’s Garhwal Rifles Division. It is difficult for Indian soldiers to keep the Chinese coming from the slaughterhouse. Indian soldiers were fighting heroically but without any result. You have to follow the directions. But Rifleman Jaswant Singh did not move from his position. He picked up fire on the Chinese. For about three days, they have killed 150 Chinese soldiers.

Jaswat Singh Rawat
Jaswant Singh Planning

Two Moja girls, who were local, helped Nera to help him. Nearly 300 Rifles were arranged in the area as seen by the Chinese. Hence hundreds of Indian soldiers were ready to fight for the Chinese Army. The result was not ready. After three days in a row, the enemy did not get to the ground. At the same time, a villager was taken into custody by Jaswant Singh.

He said he was tortured. The angry Chinese Army attacked the Jaswant Singh camp. At that time, Jaswant fought for the last minute. The bullets succumbed to the last bullet Attack. Then the Chinese Army killed two girls. The jealousy of Jaswant Singh, who threatened them for three days, did not let the enemies get angry.

He took his head with us. A few days later, Rawat was handed over the peace treaty between the two countries. He also appreciates the unmatched bravery of the enemy army. The Indian government announced the Mahavir Chakra award for his achievement.

Baba worshiped as Jaswant

Tawang locals still worship Jaswant Singh as Baba Jaswant. He built a shrine in the martyred area. Indian soldiers carrying their duties across the area worship the temple. The locals still feel as he is alive and still clean his shoes. Indian soldiers at his shrine were supplying tea and supplies.

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