Jayalalitha Deepa

Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa has been accused of murdering her brother Deepak by her niece Deepa. Dipak was shifted to Sasikala’s family and Deepak was arrested and demanded by police. The police blocked Deepan, who tried to go to Poyes Garden, Jayalalithaa residence on Sunday.


She was accompanied by her supporters and police. Speaking on this occasion Deepa said he was attacked by Shashikala family members when he went to pay the flowers for Jaya paintings in Poyes Gardens. Jayalalithaa residence will take legal action for possession.

He called for the protection of the party from the hands of the Shashikala family.
Jaya is the first to announce Deepa that she was the first to announce. She also said that Jayalalithaa assets are also worthwhile.

However, Deepa demanded that he be allowed to reside in the Poyes Gardens. The police tried to go into the building and the police blocked her. She said it was not right to let Jaya descendants go to her residen

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