The state general secretary SP Singh said that MLA Shankar Nayak, who acted inappropriately against the HHA collector, would take legal action against him. A separate institutional system will be set up to prevent such incidents from being repeated. The complaints will be set up to solve the problem. On Friday, Telangana IAS Officers Association President BP Acharya met the Mahbubabad Collector Preethi Meenan, CE Chief Shanti Kumari, Chief Administrative Officer Adharshina, Finance Secretary Sandeep Kumar Sultaniya and Women IAS and SPSP. Shankar Nayak was asked to take action on the incident. Demanded a legal aid for precipitation.

MLA Shankar Nayak

In some other Districts, women officers have been brought to the attention of CS. Seem expressed regret over the MLA’s Harassment on Mahabubabad Collector Preethi Meenan. Women should have respect for the community in society. The IAS officers were satisfied to hear the demands and promptly resolved. BP Acharya demanded an inquiry with the IG level female officer on the incident and promised to appoint a special officer.
The case was filed for mistake: Bepi Acharya
The MLA was legally registered and the case was filed by the President of the Telangana IAS Officers BP Acharya. To set up a separate mechanism, let’s make a complaint when such incidents occur. On Friday, IAS spokesmen spoke with reporters. MLA Shankar Nayak said he was condemning the behavior. The meeting was held on Friday and made several resolutions to discuss the issue in the long run. Thanks to the media that took place in the system of the event,
* Telangana IAS officers‘ union president P Raghuveer has strongly condemned the incident that was convened on Friday. Solidarity to the female collector

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