Muthoot Finace Robbers in Hyderabad

The police are continuing to capture thugs in the Muthoot Finance case Police found the vehicle used by the accused in the Happy Home Apartment in Upper Palli to take control of the vehicle. The TS 12EB-5711 was used for the vehicle used by the accused. According to the number of vehicles, the vehicle was found to be the number one car in Mohammad in Hyderabad. But the detainees found the Benami No. number in the neighboring areas of Hyderabad for the past month using the Tower vehicle.

Muthoot Finace Robbers

The police came to the conclusion that they were Gujarati when they were found to be a Gujarat vehicle according to the Tawara vehicle chassis. The suspects are conducting an exploration with a suspicion that the vehicle was left behind at the Happy home. Well-trained octopus forces reached the Happy Home and beat the Happy Home Apartment into groups.
There are about 700 Plots in 9 blocks in Happy Home. There are more than 3,000 residents. These happy home apartments are called Mini India. The flats in these apartments are home to the northern states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The thugs came straight to the apartment and parked the vehicle in the parking lot and escaped. The police came to the conclusion that they are aware of this area. After the Godhra riots in Gujarat, many people come here and stay in Happy Homes. Police suspect that the vehicle used by the mobs is also going to be in Gujarat and leaving the happy home apartments.