Patel SIR Movie Review and Rating Jagapathi Babu

Jagapathi Babu threw audiences’ mind into the eyes of Thanayana. He has also enjoyed the family stories and action stories. He has unveiled another aspect of his acting career with ‘Legend’. From that movie, he is playing villain and character artist in all kinds of roles. Recognizing as a stylish villain, he became a hero again. In a stylish avatar, he starred in ‘Patel Sir‘. Jagapathi Babu‘s promotional films with stylish incarnation have made raises expectations on the film. How is Patel Sir? See how Jaggubhai is a hero

Patel SIR Movie Review and Rating

Cast: Jagapati Babu .. PadmaPriya .. Tanya Hope .. Subba Raju .. Posani Krishnamuraru .. Raghu Babu .. Shubhalru Sudhakar .. Kabir Singh .. Prithvi .. Baby Dolly and others.
Lyrics: Balaji-Ramu-Vasanth-Rambabu
Battles: Vijay-Satish-Solomon
Editing: Gautam Raju
Conversations: Prakash
Music: Vasanth
Photograph: Shyam K Naidu
Producer: Rajini Korrapati
Screen play-direction: Vasu
Production company: Varahi movie
Release: 14-07-2017

Patel SIR Movie Review

Patel SIR Movie Review
Story: Subhash Patel (Jagapathi Babu) is a major in the Indian Army. There was a brave fight against Kargil in the battle of the enemy. Since his ancestors were serving as soldiers in the country, his next generation also dreams of joining the Army. He is deeply dissatisfied with that. Finally, the time has come for me to retire from my job as a major. Only his wife Bharti (Amma) will be released.

With the retirement of Patel, the war on the country’s borders ends, but unfortunately, the country will have to fight. Four enemies are targeted and the hunt continues. Why did he do that war? Who are these four enemies? In the retirement life, Patel needs to get a gun to watch on the screen.

Patel SIR Movie Public Review

How is it ?: It’s a revenge story. But the oldest thing in this film is the backdrop of a father’s oldest revenge. The first half of the story is about to kill four villains. Patel kills one and targets one. In the middle comes flashback. When it is found, it is clear that once it’s a vengeance on those who have killed his family. All the scenes from the moment are usually seen in all the movies.

But by the time of the break, the story revolves around. Both the revenge and the vengeance are still going as far as the scenes are. By the time of the break, those expectations are tilted. What happened? Makes us look at the second direction. Sentiment has begun with the start of the second.

The 20-minute scenes in the family background are tiring. The movie that has a revenge action story, is a good family story. Patel’s revenge, the revenge of the original story coming out of vengeance is scary. The story ends when Patel, who finished with three in the first half, and two more in the second half. A key turn in the climactic scenes will

Patel SIR Movie Acters Role

Jagapati Babu’s movie Why did he act as heroine in the role of the villain? The right answer is available on the screen. He is the only film he can do. Vallabh Patel as Subhash Patel’s Variations, the acting is good. Jagapati Babu was particularly successful in the role of Subhash Patel. Padmapriya and Tanya Hope are doing well in the range of their characters.
Kabir Singh .. Prithvi .. Prabhakar and others acted as villains. Even though there are many villains, villains are not strong enough. Posani .. Raghubabalanti actors acted in the range of characters. Technically the film is good marks. Music, cinematography, and dialogue are good. The director feels that the story he thinks has been planned. But it would have been better if they were going to work for the story.

Similar stories need more thrilling elements. The pattern of killing Patel’s villains seems to be plain. In the climactic scenes, it is more interesting. Production values on Varahi’s company seemed to be on the screen.

Patel SIR Movie Rating

Plus Points
+ Jagapati Babu
+ Secondary
Munis Points
– First half
– The climax
Finally: Patel Sir with revenge story