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KCR Gole KG to PG, education schools of first dream success free education scheme. His commitment to providingTelangan Education free education for the poor students is the first step in the assurance. The first phase of the Vocational Complex (Education Hub) was completed in Gajewal constituency in Sidipet district, which is represented by the Chief Minister.



The classes will start from Monday the first day of the academic year. The hub has been established in 60 acres (at Girls ‘College in 20 acres, 40 acres of boys’ school) with a cost of Rs.146.28 crores. Schools and hostels are constructed in a single premise. From the sixth grade to the pazi it is available for this time. Applications are coming from across the country to reach these colleges.
A collection of features ..
* This is for boys and girls separately hub built sophisticated integrated housing. Three blocks are separated from the four levels of the college, high schools and accommodation.
* Integrated accommodation separately built two blocks. These two blocks have 190 rooms. 760 students were arranged.
* Six of the students to read to the class produced a total of 244 rooms in two blocks. There were arrangements to accommodate 976 people.
* 500 people sitting at a dining hall was built on a large scale to the meal.
* Girls auditorium building near campus. The complexes were built to educate girls.
Special initiative of Chief Minister
My idea of education, ranging from students to assess desks, bed to bed, set up by the ideas of the Chief KCR has been born. Officials have suggested that if there are more students in the accommodations, the CEI has been informed that each person has been identified as four.

Before the students, the bunker (one on one) was decided by the authorities. However, the bigger kids climb the head while climbing the fan? It is easy to see how the Chief Minister has taken care of the regular beds as the chief bunkers of the bunker beds for the elderly. The officials have been advised to suggest that the colors should be different.

Officials say that schools with modern facilities are not available anywhere in the country to study the basic education from the basic education without the cost of the poor. It is believed that a large-scale education hub is aimed at the University.

Gajavel Area Development Authority (GADA) Special Officer Hanumantha Rao told ‘Newstate’ that by completing the rest of the work done by Chief Minister KCR,

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