telangana education development

In any segment of engineering (civil, mechanical, computer science) joins .. The majority of engineering students are the only goal of getting a job in the software company. For that reason companies prefer to study in college only for campus recruitment. Colleges also show campus appointments to attract students.

telangana education development

About 50 years ago companies went to campus and hired thousands of new employees (frees). Large companies first outlined the plans of these recruits. These are usually from engineering colleges beginning in October. They continue until January and February.
The strength of bench companies: the companies that show the bench to earn more than seventeen years ago. In some companies 30-40 percent of all software employees were on the bench. Companies did not take up campus appointments and work for newly appointed employees for two years.

All of them were on the bench. During the recruitment, jobs were looked at in the sense of whether they had software skills or whether they had rational thinking (logical thinking). They were trained after joining the company.

Students also wished to join the job or go to school after offering the offers. Nearly half of those who have received offers are not half. So the companies went to colleges and made a large number of campuses.

More than 50 years ago, the sources said that a large number of companies in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have been recruited for lakhs of programmers and technical support services (Technical Support Services).
Changing cover ..
Coming changes in the software industry reduce campus placements. Programming coding made by experts in the past is now automation. This led to a lack of expert expertise. Digital technology, such as the crafty intelligence, robotics, data analysis, IOT, virtual reality, came to the fore.

In this background, companies are lacking in the colleges that have skills in digital technologies and the companies reduce the importance of campus recruitment. They are trained in digital technologies and are trying to use them. The companies are now into the zero-bench system.

Employees are employed by non-intermittent channels when they are required to work in the ’employee’ process. Employee cooperation in the company. Thus, software industry experts say that campus recruitments have been downgraded for the past two years.

Telangana education development

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