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State Finance Minister Ettala Rajendra has urged traders not to increase their prices by showing the Telangana Sales Tax (GST) as an excuse. There are no traders on the GST. We need to recognize that the lack of tax on food items used by the common man, or otherwise. There is a possibility for merchants to register at GST on July 5. There are 2.07 lakh traders in the state and 1.7 lakh registered in the state and another 25,000 traders will be registered.

Telangana Sales Tax

The minister also reviewed the Telangana Sales Tax department officials in the Secretariat on Thursday following the implementation of GST on Saturday. Then spoke to the reporters. “The government should come to the attention of any problems and difficulties in the implementation of GST.

The Department of Commercial Taxes and Telangana Sales Tax is ready to make aware of this tax. We are already trying to educate people in the districts. Business communities should not worry about GST. Whatever the doubts we will do.

The central and state governments have to coordinate the GST. If GST rates are objectionable, it is possible to discuss and change the GSTC. GST is ready to run effectively. People should understand this. 1800 425 3787 Tollfree number has been made available for repairs.

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Not compromised: We do not compromise with the Center in the GST issue. It is clear to the Center that the GST should not be burdened by the common man. The Bidy industry wrote a letter to the Chief Minister to give the exemption from the service tax and for the services of Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhikratha, Handloom and Irrigation.

It is not correct to associate Beedi with cigarettes. The Center has agreed to some of our proposals. Some have dismissed it. We will put pressure on the Center to get a positive decision on this, “he said.

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