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TG Cyber;-Yashwant Kumar, a young man from Nagol area, was admitted into Facebook by a young woman living in the Nalgonda crossroad in Hyderabad. Both were chatting. He put her in the basket that she loved. Thira wanted to get rid of the wedding. He called his room and killed the throat. The cops gunned the bag into the Musi river. The girl’s family members complained to the police. Yashwant Kumar was convicted on the basis of phone calls.
A young man from the same city was acquainted with Facebook for Visakhapatnam Beformamy student.

tg cyber

He introduced himself as a builder and brought him into love. After discovering that she was working as a painter a few days later, she committed suicide near the area where she lived.
She loved photographing her and forced her to put photos on Facebook. A young woman committed suicide has committed suicide. The incident took place two months before the Hyderabad suburb of Jililguda.

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Today, Amravati, Hyderabad: Some of the social media centers are leading to cyber crimes. Some of them are forced to make a bargain, but some of them lose their lives. When you say the words, there are some others who share the secluded scenes.

Most of the Telugu states are trapped in the cyber traps. About 40 percent of the cyber crimes committed in Andhra Pradesh are related to harassment of women. These are just climb into The police records. The number of people experiencing distress among the victims is often several times more than a complaint.

Some police complain about the harassment of some of the victims because of the fear that they will face further difficulties in future. He said some of the young men who are sensitive are complaining about the case and the accused.

TG Cyber number 2

On Facebook, accounts are opened with beautiful young girls. If you agree with their feelings, you can post someone to talk. If any young people respond, they will chat with young people. The phone is taken and the girl speaks.

Whatsapp comes with the OTP and on their phones the youngsters will be watched on Whatsapp. From the number that comes from that number sends pictures and scenes of pornography to women. This move has been taken to make anyone complaining about someone else’s complaints.

TG Cyber number 3

* Facebook was introduced to a young man or girl of Vijayawada. They often meet me. The boy and his friend went to the city suburb of the city. There was a drink with alcohol and raped. She then left her on the road near the house. Another three young men who identified the condition of the girl were taken to a room and massacred to the house.
* Inter prasad studied in East Godavari district. Prasad Naidu opened the Facebook account and believed that he was a betch student and that his father was a big fan of ONGC.

Betch last year student in Nuzividu Triple IT on Facebook introduced her in love. Security personnel spent three days in the Triple IT campus with eyesight. Finally she tried to get closer to her and was caught by the crew.Love it …. Hyderabad Naveen Prasad, a young woman studying BTech

* Introduction of Chittor. Their intimacy has taken place. The two of them looked in solitary scenes on cellphones. They were sent to a young woman and threatened. Sending pictures of friends to friends. As the victim complains, the Hyderabad Cyber ​​Crimes Police arrested him in Chittoor recently.

TG Cyber number 4

* BTech student of Visakhapatnam He love him to the harassment fellow student. She created a fake Facebook account in the name of the quarrel that she had denied her love and sent her abusive messages in her name.
* Facebook came in contact with a young girl from Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam krantiki teenager. Those who are closer to chat often met. The teenager had a fake Facebook account in her name as she was determined to marry someone else. She was harassing her with morphing pictures.
Introduce it as a girl and then sweep the sweet

TG Cyber number 5

* Abdul Majid from Hyderabad Facebook introduces himself to a young woman who befriends the young girls. Speaking closely with them, he gets their nude pictures and blackmail them. In the basket he had 200 people. An elder who has gained more than 80 students’ naked images online.
* Ibrahimpatnam BTech student of Facebook accounts in the name of different girls .. Framer Sairam. In the same area, he aimed at introducing engineering students in the area. In this order, he asked a student to send nude pictures. As she refused, she threatened to change her pictures and change her naked. Eventually she was caught by a police complaint.

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