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The Best cm in the India, he’s KCR. He is Telangana chief minister, KCR was born on 17 Feb 1954 chintamadaka villages, sidipeta Mandal, Medak Dist. he is a first chief minister in Telangana 02 June 2014 from TRS party. he is studying in Osmania arts college university, Hyderabad. his political career starts in 1983,  he joins the first congress party, after going to Telugu Desam party.lose the election.

Telangana CM KCR


next time win an assembly election, he is a big role in Telugu Desam party. he stood for the people of the Telangana region were being discriminated and believed that separate state is the only solusion.27 April 2001 he is estabilesion a new party TRS.present cm kcr more schemes in Telangana.he is best cm in India


1.Mission Kakatiya 2.Mission Bhagiratha 3.Haritha haram 4.Kalyana Laxmi 5.Arogya Laxmi 6.Aasara pensions 7.Housing for the poor 8.Land distribution 9.Rice distributions 10.Strengthening security 11.shee team.KCR is best cm in India

more news; –terrorists attack in London city

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